Real Estate Investment

Minimum USD 400,000.
The most popular method of investment when acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment is through real estate. The main reason for such a choice is real estate being profitable as investment that can bring up to 6-7% yields, within guarantee. Another reason is people wanting to stay in their property instead of renting, as they visit Istanbul often. Those who choose to acquire Turkish passport by property purchase must ensure their property is valued at $400,000 by a citizenship-valuation authorized expert, has no problems such as mortgages on its title deed, is able to provide a proper title deed for the client as well as their payments made either direct to owner or to their attorney with Power of Attorney given.

Bank Deposit

Minimum USD 500,000.

The second most popular option is depositing the money in a Turkish bank. People who are looking for minimal gains when compared to real estate, with more safety are choosing. this. Any bank in Turkey can help the client with the. depositing option, yet not all are actively doing so .The investors choosing banking must block 500,000 US Dollars for three years in their bank in the currency of their choosing and prepare receipts with the help of the bank for application.

Investment Funds & Bonds

Minimum USD 500,000

The third option is investing USD 500,000 in investment funds such as GYFs (real estate investment trusts) and GSYFs (venture capital investment trusts) that are approved by Capital Markets Board of Turkey or treasury bonds issued by the Central Bank of Turkey in any currency from any bank. The procedures both for investment funds and bonds are more complicated when compared to other options as the authorities responding to approve are smaller and critical ones such as Central Bank and Capital Markets Board. But, especially some investment funds are actively marketing to attract investors and are providing comparable yields to real estate options.

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