• Business Immigration Programs

Many immigration programs exist for businessmen and investors who wants to come to Canada.
However, each have their own requirements.
The applicant should meet all of them before applying.
These are the main programs that would best suit this category of immigrant.

Start-up Visa Program

This program is meant for the immigrant entrepreneurs who have the potential and skills to build innovative business in Canada.

In this program, the business should create jobs for Canadians and be strong enough to compete on a global scale.

Some requirements need to be met in order to apply to this program, such as:
– Your business is supported by a designated organization
– Your business meets the ownership requirements
– You have the appropriate language skill in English or French
– You bring sufficient funds

Self-employed Person Program

This program is intended for people that are going to be self-employed once they arrive in Canada.

To qualify for this program, the applicant should either have relevant experience:
– in farm managment; or
– in athletics or cultural activities

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

In addition to Canada’s programs, many provinces have their own criteria and streams for selecting investors or businessmen.

The following province and territories are participating in this program:
– Alberta
– British Columbia
– Manitoba
– New Brunswick
– Newfoundland and Labrador
– Northwest Territories
– Nova Scotia
– Ontario
– Prince Edward Island
– Saskatchewan
– Yukon

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