Student Immigration Services

Whether you are a student who would like to study in Canada or you are a graduate and would like to continue your studies, our professionals will help to make the process as easy and quick as possible. We:

  • help you assess your credentials
  • get you a study permit or extend your study permit, if you qualified
  • help you find out if you need a work permit while you are studying
  • help you prepare to get on the Canadian job market
  • help Canadian companies hire foreign workers

Study in Canada

Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. There are many ways and reasons for you to come study in Canada. In order to do so, there is some conditions you need to respect:

– You must not have a criminal record
– You have to prove that your financial situation will allow you to cover your tuition and living expenses
– You must have been accepted in an educational institution in Canada

Most people who want to study in Canada need a “Canada Study Permit”. But under certain conditions, you can study in Canada without that permit.

After graduation

Once you graduate from a Canadian educational institution, you may wish to work or become a permanent resident in Canada. Many of foreign students choose to stay and work in Canada. There are several programs that can help you achieve this goal:

– Post-Graduate Work Permit
– Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program (except for the province of Quebec)
– Quebec Experience

Work while studying

It’s possible for a foreign student to work while studying. It will depend on where you want to work, which program you are in and if you have a Study Permit. With one of the previous conditions or a combination of two or more, you can either work:

On campus
– You must be a full-time student at a valid educational institution
– You have a Study Permit

Off campus
– You should respect the same conditions as if you wanted to work on campus
-You may be able to work without a work permit (certain conditions apply)
– If you are in a co-op or internship program, you need a valid work permit

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